BCSS Wildcats iOS App

BCSS Wildcats is an iOS mobile smart planner to improve the lives of students by helping them manage their academic life and extracurriculars. Made from the feedback of students, principals, and teachers at Burnaby Central Secondary school. After the launch of my app, there are now over 500 students using it.


I am the founder of Treeline, a collaborative platform for educators to share and discuss ideas together. Treeline is still being developed and will have more updates in the future!

Joke Lab Android App

A fun project that I developed to explore Android development and design, while also sharing my own enjoyment of jokes, especially dad jokes!

Noisy Discord Bot

Noisy leverages OpenAI's MuseNet to generate music and stream it to your discord call. Currently, over 230 servers are using Noisy. For more details, feel free to checkout the GitHub repository for Noisy.

TEDxYouth@DeerLake's Website

As the Director of Technology, I was responsible for creating the TEDxYouthDeerLake's website, while also designing and managing the content on the site.

Forest Fire Research Drone

A drone that helps combat the increasingly dangerous growth of forest fires. The drone has autopilot capabilities that allows it to go around forest fires and generate a heatmap to better understand the landscape and conditions of forest fires in a safe way. I mainly worked on developing the heat map generator using Python

About Me

I currently attend the Software Engineering program at the University of Waterloo, while working on new products. A part from my work, I love watching new 🎬 films, going on ⛰ hikes, and 🎤 talking to people.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or interesting topics you want to talk about feel free to message me on social media or by email!